From: Robert Miller

Lodge: St Helens #32 Oregon AF&AM

Date: Tuesday April 11, 2017

I will be in Dresden from the 24th April to 8May

From: W.Bro. Malcolm G. Morrison, PPrPGSoj

Lodge: Duke of Lancaster Lodge # 1353. Lancaster England.

Date: Thursday March 19, 2015


Greetings,   I will be vacationing in your area in May and would like to visit your Lodge on the 12th May..  Please advise if this is in order.

Best Regards,                                                                   Malcolm Morrison, Secretary,

                    Duke of Lancaster Lodge # 1353.

                    United Grand Lodge of England.






From: troy giroux

Lodge: dresden 103

Date: Tuesday February 05, 2013

hey, i am unable to drive due to my license being susspended but would like keep updated from the lodge, also i need to pay my dues,thank you sincerely brother troy giroux

From: Wor John F Belanger

Lodge: Philanthropic Lodge Marblehead MA & St Aspinquid Lodge#198 York ME

Date: Tuesday September 25, 2012


From: Wor. Donald G. Hands

Lodge: Naval Lodge @ 184

Date: Saturday December 24, 2011

Naval lodge bought a "Dresden Gavel" after the fire that destroyed your lodge. Could you send me a picture of the Dresden gavel or describe it so I can look for it in my lodge. 


   Wor. Donald G. Hands

From: Cassie Soucy


Date: Wednesday March 12, 2008

My family and I wanted to thank all who attended my grandfather's funeral, the service you participated in was exactly what we needed. My grandfather would have been very proud. Thanks to all who visitied and called these last months, and you all were a great help to us. Good Luck with removations, i hope all goes well for you.

Cassie (Marrow) Soucy

From: marvin white

Lodge: eastgate 692North Carolina - North Carolina

Date: Wednesday August 29, 2007

I would like to know if there is a lodge in garnier and where it is located .I came to visit my grandson who lives there and is wanting to become a mason.I am the master of my lodge and i would like to see that happen in my life time.If there is not a lodge in garnier i would like to see him join your lodge.Thanks for any help you can give me.Marvin white

From: Ken Rosemeck

Lodge: Evergreen Lodge # 9Michigan - Michigan

Date: Tuesday August 28, 2007

Dear Brethren, I am going to vacation in Wiscasset with my Lady Karen, Sept 9th thru Sept 19, and I would be honored to have a seat in your lodge at your Sept. Regular Communication, which I believe is at 7:30 Tues. 9/11. Please advise if a dark suit is still appropriate for attendance. I have also contacted Lincoln Lodge of the same intentions at their Lodge. Sincerely and Fraternally, Ken Rosemeck W.M., Evergreen Lodge # 9 , St.Clair Michigan.

From: Richard D. Hutchins

Lodge: Dresden Lodge 103Maine - Maine

Date: Sunday August 12, 2007

How will you be tried?

From: Diane Astudillo (KOIS)

Lodge: NoneUtah - Utah

Date: Thursday January 18, 2007

WOW....I remember back in the early 80's when Don Schroeder was the leader. We were just kids, had school plays and stuff in the lodge. We used to rent it for parties. WOW...I have a special place set aside in my heart for good ol' Dresden and it's people.

From: Bro. James McKenna


Date: Sunday January 14, 2007

This is a quick note to say "Hi" and let you know about a brand new service for Masons. It is absolutely FREE! It is called THE NATIONAL MASONIC BLUE PAGES.

The website is:

It is my hope that you would tell the Brothers of your lodge about the website at your next Stated Communication or perhaps earlier, if convenient.

From: jeffrey ryder

Lodge: nothernstar #28 and kora karts

Date: Saturday December 09, 2006

hello there,
very nice site. i think i might know a brother in your lodge. hi there jim................jeff

From: Tom McGuffie


Date: Sunday February 26, 2006

Best wishes and fraternal greetings to all, from the Brethren of Lodge Burns Dundonald No.1759 here on the west coast of Scotland.
Fraternall, Tom McGuffie P.M. 1759

From: Laurence MacPherson


Date: Friday November 11, 2005

Hi, Just surfing the internet for my Stilphen relatives and came across Carl Stilphen who appears to have been a Past Master in 1936. Carl was brother to my grandfather Frank L. Stilphen who moved to England. I would love to trace the USA connection so please can anyone can give me anymore information?


From: Clyde Mcguffin

Lodge: Island Falls Lodge #206Maine - Maine

Date: Wednesday July 06, 2005

thanks for stopping by our new site bro kevin, yours is very nice, hope to have ours looking good in time also. Very nice pictures too.

From: Tom Ray

Lodge: Tranquil Lodge # 29Maine - Maine

Date: Thursday March 03, 2005

Nice job. This is a great way for District Lodges to become closer through better communications and hopefully it will grow to the extent of bringing Districts and Lodges in the State of Maine closer together. Thank you.

From: Kristian L. Boehmer

Lodge: Pownal Lodge #119, Stockton SpringsMaine - Maine

Date: Tuesday February 01, 2005

Very nice site, this is something that can help keep masonry strong in the 21st Century.
Great Job!!

From: Harold A Blen

Lodge: MasonsMaine - Maine

Date: Saturday January 29, 2005

Also member of Morning star Lodge #41 AF&AM Litchfield Maine

From: Brian Spaulding

Lodge: Bethlehem No. 35Maine - Maine

Date: Thursday April 22, 2004

Thanks to Sr. Deacon Kevin Campbell for steering me to your excellent site.

From: Ken Munger

Lodge: Florida - Florida

Date: Monday April 19, 2004


From: Ralph Knowles

Lodge: MasonicMaine - Maine

Date: Sunday April 18, 2004

Good page

From: Todd Bennett

Lodge: Mt. Olivet #203Maine - Maine

Date: Wednesday April 14, 2004

Great start! Hope this new internet presence works out well for your lodge.

From: Jim Howard

Lodge: D.D.G.M. 10th DistrictMaine - Maine

Date: Thursday April 01, 2004

Good tool for comunication between the Lodges in the District

From: Chuck Billings

Lodge: Lincoln Lodge #3Maine - Maine

Date: Saturday March 13, 2004

Hello brother Masons.