From: WB David Carrano

Lodge: Shonan Masonic Lodge US - Grand Lodge of Japan

Date: Thursday April 22, 2021

Brothers of United Lodge
It is wonderful to see such an active lodge.  Your website is awesome and I love to see all the pictures of the brothers doing great work.  Was a pleasure to view you website.
WB David Carrano
Shonan Masonic Lodge

From: W.mark rondyke

Lodge: aroostook lodge #197 mars hill maine

Date: Thursday March 10, 2016

had a very nice visit there you put on a good dinner and the work for the evening went very well. i enjoyed my visit there
i was very fortunate to see the bible of  brother chamberland
i hope to get down there again.
 brother mark rondyke pastmaster of aroostook lodge# 197 mars hill maine dist#1

From: Bob Hunt


Date: Monday November 09, 2015

trying to gather info on a former member of your lodge. We are unable to connect beyond him living in Harpswell. Any info on military service or parental lineage would be of great help to his granddaughter... Thank You 
John Reid born 1882, died 24 September 1968 (a stone mason)
Wife was Eastern Star, Margaret L Tocher Reid 1882 to 1971 
daughter was Eastern Star, Margaret Ada Stanwood
son in law, John (Jack) C. Stanwood

From: Andy Caron

Lodge: United 8 Brunswick

Date: Thursday October 01, 2015

Alan and Michael So glad to see other Brethren reaching out. Sorry we have missed you guys when you were either in town or visiting. If you ever are around and want to check out the lodge, visit our Facebook page and throw us a message. We will be happy to accommodate.

From: Alan Davis

Lodge: Indian Springs #48 Nevada

Date: Sunday April 19, 2015



It’s nice to see a web site where I was raised. I was initiated 3/29/75, passed 5/13/75 and raised 6/10/75 so my 40 year anniversary is fast approaching. My sponsor was Chuck Gardner who was not a member of United 8 but may have become one later. After I was transferred by the Navy to Guam we lost touch. I have not had a chance to come back to Brunswick. A lot of time & miles have passed and I am now a sitting Master (and Past Master) of a small lodge 45 miles northwest of town (Indian Springs #48).

From: Michael Rezendes

Lodge: Pioneer Lodge AF & AM - Somerset, Mass

Date: Tuesday April 14, 2015

Hello Brothers - I was coming up to Brunswick next week and thought I would check out your website. Keep up the good work.

From: E. Andy Caron Jr. Stewerd

Lodge: United Lodge

Date: Tuesday December 30, 2014

Chris, thank you so much for visiting our web site. If you are ever in town stop on by or check out our Facebook page. We are very proud of having Joshua as a brother of our lodge.

From: Chris Green Senior Deacon

Lodge: S.P. Walrip No.1328 (Texas)

Date: Friday December 19, 2014


Watching a clip from the movie Gettysburg, heard a speech from Colonel Joshua Chamberlain and knew he had to be a Brother. I learned he was a past member of your lodge, what great history your lodge must have.

Chris Green


From: Willis Gould

Lodge: Piscataquis #44

Date: Wednesday April 17, 2013

Doing Owen Family Genealogy I find Charles E. Owen (1817-1884) joined United Lodge in 1853. He was a sailor and merchant in Brunswick; also, 1st pipeman of the Brunswick Fire Department in 1854. The Brunswick Telegraph in its obituary notice states that he was an Odd Fellow and Mason and that he "exemplified the principles of Free Masonry all his life."

From: Nathan Trask


Date: Thursday December 27, 2012

I have thought about joining the freemasons for years and have never really done anything about it untill now i would like to speek to someone about joining please e-mail m back to let me know what to do next.

Thank you,
Nathan Trask

From: Nathan Trask


Date: Thursday December 27, 2012

I have thought about joining the freemasons for years and have never really done anything about it untill now i would like to speek to someone about joining please e-mail m back to let me know what to do next.

Thank you,
Nathan Trask

From: Christopher Radcliffe

Lodge: Consuelo No.325California - California

Date: Monday March 10, 2008

Greetings Bretheren,

I am currently in you area living at Brunswick NAS while my ship is being built in Bath. I am extremely interested in visiting your Lodge and participating in any work that may be done while enjoying in some fraternal fellowship. Please do not hesitate to contact me as I would like to attend as soon as possible.

Fraternally Yours,

From: Derek Berg

Lodge: Mystic Star Lodge, #69Minnesota - Minnesota

Date: Monday March 10, 2008

Hello Brothers, I willl be traveling in your area May 12-21, 2008. I hope to meet some of you, and partake in any work you may have at that time. My step-son is stationed at Brunswick Naval Air Station and I believe we will be staying with him. If you have Lodge or functions I could partake in between the 13th and 19th please email me.
Derek Berg, Rushford, Mn

From: Aaron Davis

Lodge: Meridian Sun No. 50 F&AMTennessee - Tennessee

Date: Saturday February 09, 2008

Fraternal Greetings: I found your lodge while doing an info search on one of my heroes: Brigadier Gen. Joshua Chamberlain. I'm certain I'm not the first or last to do so. It is, of course, a great honor to be counted a brother to such great men as he along with such great men who sit in the chairs in my home Lodge.

From: Richard J. Fenstermaker

Lodge: Porter Lodge #284 10th. Dist.Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania

Date: Monday February 12, 2007

Brothers, I'm looking for Masonic information on "JOSHUA LAWRENCE CHAMBERLAIN" I have been asked by our SW to present a program next yr. (08) on him and his Masonic affiliation. Date entered (EA), passed (FC) and raised (MM), Lodge Name & # etc, etc. Any help any brother can offer will be appreciated.

From: Ross Van Gleason

Lodge: MasonicNorthwest Territory - Northwest Territory

Date: Tuesday January 09, 2007

During a long and deeply search of wholely knowledge of interesting interneting, I came across this web-page. Pausing with a sense of wonderment, I felt a tingle of a cluttered surge that contained within the shell only to be rooted out after a close inspection of the brotherhood within the screen before me. May the fabrics of masonary continue to gush fore to drown our senses with verberal light. Thank you for this time to forum the beliefs.

From: David C. Stanwood

Lodge: Phoenix Lodge 8North Carolina - North Carolina

Date: Saturday December 09, 2006

Hello, I saw in your web site that their was a David Stanwood who was a past master back in the 1800's do you have a photo by chance, thank you.

From: Bro. James McKenna


Date: Sunday December 03, 2006

Hi Brothers,

I just stopped in to invite you to take part in The National Masonic Blue Pages. It's FREE for all Mason who are in good standing in a Blue Lodge.

The Website:


James McKenna (Ancient Landmark Lodge #5, St. Paul, MN)

From: Ray and Jeannie Minchak

Lodge: New Jersey - New Jersey

Date: Sunday November 19, 2006

Hello, Friends from United 8. We miss you all alot and hope to get up there more often. R&J

From: Rob Ehrhart

Lodge: Hudson-Morris #80 A.F.&A.M.Virginia - Virginia

Date: Wednesday November 01, 2006

Good day. My name is Rob Ehrhart and I am the Junior Steward at our small town lodge in King George, VA. We have an Entered Apprentice who will be moving to the Brunswock area around March (he is in the Navy and will be a Fellow Craft by then) and would like to establish a point of contact for him. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you and have a good day.
Respectfully, Robert C. Ehrhart Jr.

From: David Smith

Lodge: Ironman Ending HungerMaine - Maine

Date: Monday July 31, 2006

Hello, my name is David Smith. I am an employee at Atlantic Regional Federal Credit Union and an novice triathlete. I am participating in the Ironman Triathlon this fall in Madison, Wisconsin. For more than 14 hours, I will swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run a full marathon (26.2 miles) to complete this infamous test of endurance. As part of my commitment to the Ironman race, I am raising funds to be used in my community - to benefit the Midcoast Hunger Prevention Program (Brunswick). A big part of my fundraising efforts include a show by Maine humorist Tim Sample. Also people can go to click on "how to donate" and search Maine. This will bring you right to my webiste for ending hunger. You can also type in to get directly to my site. Please help me by spreading the word about the Tim Sample show on August 26th. It will be a great time and provide a great deal of support for the midcoast community. Thank you very much.

Tim Sample

Saturday, August 26, 2006 at 7:30 PM

Orion Theater, Mt. Ararat Junior High School, Topsham

$15.00 per person

All proceeds stay in the Midcoast community. Tickets can be purchased at any Atlantic Regional location, or contact David Smith at or 725-8728 ext. 321.

From: jose diaz

Lodge: lodge no. 8, brunswick, meTexas - Texas

Date: Saturday May 14, 2005

hello to all just want to say hi to every one hope all is well in the great state of Maine

Jose Diaz

From: Jonathan M. Welch P.M.

Lodge: Charles M. Howell Lodge # 496 F.& A.M.Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania

Date: Tuesday May 03, 2005

Fraternal greetings from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

I am a Past Master in my local lodge and I am also an avid Civil War buff.
I understand that Gen. Chamberlain was raised in your lodge. Keep up the great work

I remain, Fraternally,

Jonathan M. Welch P.M.
Charles M. Howell Lodge # 496
Millersville, Pennsylvania