From: Bro. Charles W. Tolbert, P.M.

Lodge: Richmond Lodge #230 , Philadelphia, Pa

Date: Friday August 20, 2010

Brother Charlie,
            Can you tell me if Brother Ryan Carter is still working on the bluelodges site or has he just given up on It. He was doing a good job for some time but it seems like he has quit working on it. I have sent him many e-mails but no response????????????
                                                                          Bro. Charlie

From: David Catino

Lodge: Good Samaritan Lodge Reading MA

Date: Monday January 04, 2010

I am a brother from the Good Samaritan Lodge Reading MA and I would like to attend the Jan. meeting.  I spoke with David Holmes though I was not sure if I need to contact sombody about being added to the head count for dinner.   If it is too late I can come later just to attand the lodge meeting.

From: Jay Hanna

Lodge: Wilton # 156Maine - Maine

Date: Sunday April 29, 2007

This is a new link to the wilton lodge Could you please add it to your web site.

From: bro scott murray

Lodge: old monkland st james no 177 lanarkshire scotland

Date: Sunday April 29, 2007

i enjoyed looking at your page,keep up the good work.
regards scott murray

From: Wesley Moody, P.M.

Lodge: Mount Abram Lodge

Date: Sunday March 26, 2006

Good Looking site!

From: Wor. Bro.Bill Keirstead

Lodge: Kemankeag 213Maine - Maine

Date: Thursday March 23, 2006

I was just checking out your website.nice job! We are in the process of setting up our own.Hope to get to your lodge soon for a visit.

From: Dwight Kenney

Lodge: St. Margaret's Lodge #118Nova Scotia - Nova Scotia

Date: Thursday March 09, 2006

Hello Brothers,

I am the master of St. Margaret's Lodge #118 in St. Margaret's Bay Nova Scotia. I will be traveling through your fair city next week on my way to Sugarloaf for some fun and relaxation. I cannot stop to visit your lodge this time but it sure is nice to know brothers are always nearby. Perhaps next time. Here is our web address, (but since there are so may pop-up advertisments on it now we will soon be relocating it);

Will visit your lodge some day.


Dwight Kenney
St.Margaret's Lodge #118