Masonic Information:

George Washington

Here's a fact about Our Brother that surprised me. His love of Freemasonry is documented by his close reliance upon other Masons in the execution of his duties. Following his death, his widow sent locks of his hair (a common practice of the time) to Masons throughout the country and such revered treasures were the object of great appreciation. To this day, a lock of his hair sent to the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts is carried in a golden urn preceding the entry of the Grand Master at the Annual Meeting of the Grand Lodge.

Maine Masonry
Maine has one of the highest Masonic populations per capita in the country.

Speculative Mason
The earliest record of a "speculative Mason" being admitted to a lodge is the record of the Lodge of Edinburgh, June 8, 1600, when John Boswell, the Laird of Auchenleck, attested his presence with his mark.


In China the implements of architecture were used in a system of moral philosophy at a very early date. Mencius, who wrote about 300 B.C., said: "A master Mason, in teaching his apprentices, makes use of the compasses and the square. Ye who are engaged in the pursuit of Wisdom, must also make use of the compasses and the square." In a book called Great Learning, 500 B.C., we find that "A man should abstain from doing unto others what he would not they should do unto him; and this is called the principle of acting on the square ."


"Besides being on the Original Charter for Triangle & a Founding Brother.Col. Paul Revere was initiated in St. Andrew's Lodge, Boston, Mass., Sept. 4, 1760, and was Grand Master from December 12, 1794 to December 27, 1797. In a letter to the secretary of the Massachusetts Historical Society relating to the events of April, 1775, he said: 'We held our meetings at the Green Dragon tavern. We were so careful that our meetings should be kept secret that every time we met, every person swore upon the Bible, that they would not discover any or our transactions, but to Messr. Hancock, Adams, Doctors Warren, Church, and one or two more. "

On The Square