Boaz Chapter #72 meets at 4:30pm on the same night Cumberland Blue Lodge come join us for an extended night of Masonic Brotherhood...

  • 4:30pm Boaz Chapter #72 Stated Meeting
  • 6:30pm Supper (usually around $5 dollars)
  • 7:30pm Cumberland Lodge #12 Stated Meeting
Officers of Boaz Chapter #72 (Year 2008)
High Priest Ex. Joseph S. Davis 
King Dale A. Davis
Scribe Ex. Gordon Kimbal Jr.
Treasurer Ex. Frank T. Palmer
Secretary Ex. Richard A. McCann
Chaplin Ex. David W. Stevens
Captain of the Host Ex. Steven B. Cobb
Principle Sojourner Me. Leslie Buzzell
Royal Arch Captain Ex. Noel A. Ordway
Master of the 3rd Veil Kurt D. Ringrose
Master of the 2nd Veil Lawrence Robinson
Master of the 1st Veil Ex. Glenn MacNeill
Sentinel Michael H. Acker

Visiting brethren always welcome!