A bit of history

The lodge members decided back in October of 2007 that we could not afford to keep our lodge building, as it cost over $12,000 to heat the lodge building and we could not afford it for much longer as it was taking all of our savings to pay for the heat. The building was sold and moved out of the lodge building and into the Methodist church, which has been very beneficial to the lodge, and we have to thank Bro. Fred Ottofor getting us into the church.

Mechanics lodge has overcome some near disasters in the past few years. Not only selling the building, but almost closing the doors and giving up our charter back in 2004/2005. However, with the hard and several visits to nearby University of Maine and talking to several groups on campus, we have started to gain new membership, and for the second time in the past 10 years, we have a full slate of officers, and we have degree work lined up into the new year.

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