Bay View Lodge #196 – 2013 in Review

      The year 2013 was a challenging yet successful period for Bay View Lodge. The Lodge:

  • Welcomed several guests and enlisted a candidate during the open house

  • Educated candidates and engendered interest in their becoming Lodge officers.

  • Promoted intra-fraternal relations and community programs,

  • Enlisted members to help on Lodge activities,

  • Increased participation by Lodge brethren, their families and friends

  • Addressed needed changes to the Lodge Bylaws,

  • Submitted numerous press releases and articles to the local newspaper, and

  • Promoted Masonic awareness and charitable fundraising within the community.


    The officers and members dealt with adversity with the goal of emphasizing the tenets of Freemasonry within both the hearts and minds of its members, and beyond the boundaries of the Lodge to elsewhere in the community and the Craft.