The Bodies of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, sitting in the Valley of the Androscoggin, acknowledge and yield allegiance to the Supreme Council, 33, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America whose Grand East is in Lexington, Massachusetts, and whose Sovereign Grand Commander is

Ill. David A. Glattly, 33°

 Ill. David A. Glattly, 33°
Sovereign Grand Commander
 Ill. Alan R. Heath, 33º
Deputy for the State of Maine

Ill. Jeffry A. Simonton, 33º
Active for the State of Maine

Lodge of Perfection

Princes of Jerusalem

H.H. Dickey Rose Criox

Thrice Potent Master Sovereign Prince Most Wise Master
P. Michael Blank, 32°, MSA
Benjamin J. Weisner, 32°, MSA
Daniel S. Carroll, 32º 
Deputy Master High Priest Senior Warden
Timothy G. Turner, 32°
Richard M. Nadeau, 32°, MSA 
 Richard M. Nadeau, 32º, MSA
Senior Warden Senior Warden Junior Warden
 Benjamin J. Weisner, 32º, MSA
Etherdige L. Tate III, 32° 
Toby D. Williams, 32º 
Junior Warden Junior Warden Treasurer
 RichardBouchard, II, 32º 
 Jay P. Poirier, 32 °
James H. Witham 
Treasurer Treasurer Secretary
James H. Witham, 33° 
 James H. Witham, 33°  Kenneth Richardson, 33º, MSA
Secretary Secretary
Kenneth Richardson, 33º, MSA
Kenneth Richardson, 33º , MSA
Toby D. Williams, Jr., 32º
Orator Master of Ceremonies
 Master of Ceremonies
Richard M. Nadeau, 32°, MSA
Michael R. Roy, 32°
Frank T. Palmer, 32º 
Master of Ceremonies Master of Entrances
Captain of the Guard
Michael R. Roy, 32°, MSA
Frank T. Palmer, 32° Jay Poirier, 32º 
Captain of the Guard Tyler
Stephen B. Redmond, 32°  William H. Stretton, 33°, MSA
James C. Thibodeau, 32°
Tyler   Tyler
William H. Stretton, 33°, MSA

  William H. Stretton, 33°, MSA