2016 Year Awards
Bro. Bailey - 70 Years

Bro Smith - 65 Years

Bro. Taft - 40 Years

R.W. Littlefield - 35 Years

Bro. Anderson - 20 years

Wor. Rubner - 15 Years

2016 Master Masons
September - Bro. Woodbury

May - Bro. Dunlap

April - Bro. McLean

March - Bro. Ela

District Traveling Gavel

May 4th 2016 - Stolen from Village

April 28th 2016 - Stolen from Village

Awards & Presentations
Bro. R.W Webber receives a Past DDGM Apron Bag for all his dedication to Masonry

District 14 Meeting

Brother E.A Caron Jr
Our Own  
2015 14th District Mason of the year

Bro. E Caron Sr. - Most Worshipful D Walker - Wor. J Vigue - MoY Bro. E Caron Jr.

Bro. E Caron Sr. - Most Worshipful D Walker - MoY Bro. E Caron Jr.

September MM Degrees
District #14 Guest Officers Outdoor Degree

Bro. Goguen - Bro. Hunt - Bro Dumont

Woodfords Services 5k Race

United Lodge #8 Bikes for Books
Woodside Elementary School

Masonic Charitable Foundation
District #14 $2,000 Grant Presentation

United 8 2015 Master Masons
Bro. D Saunder

Rookie Awards 2015
First Rookie Award of the year. Bro. J. Saunders

W.B P. Adams  Receiving his 50 medal from Massachusetts



Installation of Officers February 10, 2015