December 14, 2015

Congratulations to Richard King on completing his Master Masons Degree.
I have enjoyed working with Richard on his FC Proficiency and Look forward
to working with him on his MM proficiency.

Brother Richard King is the 407th brother to sign our By-Laws. Our Brethren
did another excellent job on the work of the evening. I also want to recognize
Wor. Bill Sutter and RW Charles DiPerri on giving the MM lecture and MM

It was nice to see familiar faces participate in the second section as they
have done many times over the past decade. Neal Tranten, James
Williamson, and Raymond Meldrum at the gates, Dennis Burnell as SFC,
and David Holmes as the WF. It was Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!

As it stands, in February at our stated Communication we will have Adam
Dunham’s F.C. degree. At our January Meeting we will have our installation
of new officers as well as deciding on our insurance and what to do with the
money for the scholarship Fund.

It is my opinion that the scholarship fund has better earning potential in
a mutual fund. As time passes, the 500.00 that we give in scholarships
shrinks in value so eventually we will need to increase the amount to be
given. As long as the mutual fund earns money we will be able to increase
the amount of the scholarship and continue the Barney Dillon Scholarship for
many more years.

Please come to the January Stated Communication and give your input on
the insurance and Scholarship fund.


W.M. John D. Maynard


2B1 ASK1 
Co-ordinates for getting to the Lodge are:
N 44 degrees 57 31.5", W 70 degrees 9 16.6"

2B1 ASK1

The top picture is of Lodge taken on
September 15, 2007. The second picture
is of Neal Tranton and Tom Ferris as they
prepare for installation as Master and
Senior Warden.