Welcome to Tranquil Lodge #29 in Auburn, Maine. If you are a member of Tranquil or a Mason who is interested in attending an upcoming event we invite you to use view the calendar for District 23 at MaineMason.org or visit Our Lodge page at https://29-me.ourlodgepage.com/.  If you are a non-Mason and would like more information about becoming a Mason please visit Become a Mason 

Tranquil Lodge meets the second Wednesday of every month at 7:30PM (except July and August).  

May we meet upon the Level!!

We are located at the Auburn Masonic Building:
1021 Turner St.

Auburn, Maine
Tel: 207-782-1542

Tranquil Map

Tranquil Lodge #29 was Chartered in 1819 in the State of Massachusetts and later in the State of Maine in 1820. See history Tranquil History

Upcoming Events
Please note, this website is no longer being updated on a regular basis.

For the most up-to-date event information please see our Facebook page, or the Grand Lodge Calendar page for District 23, or visit: https://29-me.ourlodgepage.com/