Welcome to the Ashlar Lodge No. 105
Chartered May 9, 1861


 2012 Lodge Officers



Sam J. Michaud - Worshipful Master
Christopher Strout - Senior Warden

Michael LePage 

- Junior Warden

Wor. Steven E. Peterson - Sec''y

Wor. Paul Gardner - Treasurer

Wor. Michael C. Nickerson - Chaplain

Richard Hooper

 - Senior Deacon

David Peak 

 - Junior Deacon

Richard LeClair - Senior Stewart

Edward Rose, Jr. - Junior Stewart

Ray Palman - Tyler

Carl Pinkham- Marshall

Meetings held the Third Monday every month except in July & August.

Meetings held at Auburn Masonic Temple, 1021 Turner Street in Auburn, Maine



Contact: Wor. Steven E. Peterson, Sec''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''y
e-mail: ashlar105@down-east.com

Mailing address:
Ashlar Lodge No. 105 A.F.& A.M. 
PO Box 2402
Lewiston, ME 04241-2402