From: Heather Almquist


Date: Monday July 27, 2020

Dear Friends,
My great great grandfather, Simon Campbell Fraser, became a member of Solar Lodge #14 on 27 Nov 1860. He was a native of Scotland, a ship carpenter, who came to Maine via Nova Scotia. Do you know of any records that might provide information on his arrival in Maine, residence, or employer, etc? I would be grateful for any assistance you could provide. Thank you.

From: Kenneth A. Rautiola, WM

Lodge: Lakesdide Lodge No. 371, F&AM Manistique, MI 49854

Date: Monday February 10, 2014

I sent an email directly to your Worshipful Master about being sent a dues notice, when I do not belong to your lodge.  I did belong to Polar Star Lodge No. 114, years ago but transferred back in 2004 December.
I have never belonged to your lodge!  The dues notice was for 2013 (said in Arrears) and 2014.  I asked your WM, what was going on...of course my brother has not respond as yet????  Not sure why but am still waiting for some kind of explanation.
Kenneth A. Rautiola, WM
Lakeside Lodge No. 371, F&AM
Manistique, MI 49854

From: Evan Weston

Lodge: United 8

Date: Wednesday November 13, 2013

Keep the faith Brothers.  We are rebuilding with high quality men who are eager to be lead and coached by the likes of WM Vigue and Brother Williams and your entire team.

From: Willis Gould

Lodge: Piscataquis #44 AF & AM

Date: Monday April 22, 2013


From: Carl Miller


Date: Saturday April 28, 2012

Am looking forward to get to know the work and friendships of this fraternal group dedicated to making the world a better place

From: Patrick R. Davis

Lodge: Tifton Lodge #47, Tifton, Georgia

Date: Thursday June 30, 2011

Very nice looking web site.  I am glad to see the two lodges consolidated as well.  Have some family member that are/were brothers up there.  I was, but I think I let me dues lapse.  Please e-mail me and let me know.  If I am not current, I will be more than glad to pay them up.  Hope that someday I can be up there when the lodge is open.  It is usually summer when I am there.

From: Matthew Stearns Bowie

Lodge: Mount Hollis Lodge -- Holliston, MA

Date: Wednesday June 15, 2011

Warm Frathernal Greetings from Mount Hollis Lodge in Holliston Massachusetts!  I hope when our schedules coincide to visit one of your events!  


Matthew Stearns Bowie
Mount Hollis Lodge
Holliston, MA