From: Dana Morrell, LSW/Supervisor at SeniorsPlus in Lewiston, Maine


Date: Tuesday March 30, 2021

I want to share my complete thanks to David Cowallis for assisting me with getting wood to a client in Auburn. This client has a great need in all things. She recently ran out of wood so had no heat. David was able to secure some wood for this lady. I am very grateful. Thank you for all the good things you all do!    Dana M. Morrell, LSW

From: wor. lee jay feldman

Lodge: Tranquil #29

Date: Monday January 30, 2017

I need to speak with someone about my dues or have a bill mailed to me so that I can pay them. Thank you

From: David.CoWallis, Jr.

Lodge: Tranquil Lodge #29

Date: Monday February 10, 2014

It was a great privilege being part of the coalition that returned the "Harry E. Plummer “ Traveling Gavel of the 23rd Masonic District to the Tranquil Lodge.  I truly look forward to chasing it around for my foreseeable time in lodge.   

From: Rick Bergeron

Lodge: Tyrian #73

Date: Sunday January 12, 2014

Nice job with the updated website. Great to see it updated

From: VW Tom Ray

Lodge: Tranquil # 29, Auburn, ME

Date: Tuesday October 16, 2012

The Open House will be held on Saturday, October 20, 2012 at the Auburn Masonic Hall, 1021 Turner Street, Auburn from 9am to 3pm and is open to the public. Masons will be there to give tours of the building and answer any questions. There will be light refreshments.

From: Cody Currier


Date: Monday October 15, 2012

Im interested in the open house on October 20th. If you could please contact me with more details it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Cody Currier

From: Scott F. Dikun-- Harvard, Illinois

Lodge: Not a member

Date: Wednesday June 20, 2012

I search abandoned houses in the Midwest with Illinois State University students, informally collecting past history and researching it. I found a large framed certificate dated 1917 concerning Arthur A. Abbott. Your site states he passed in 1923 and achieved the rank of Master. I wonder if he was somehow connected with the previous residents of the home we are studying, or if someone bought the certificate at an auction for its early date. The home we are researching was owned by Dorothy Downs and she passed in 1957-58.

From: Very Worshipful Tom Ray

Lodge: Tranquil Lodge #29

Date: Friday March 16, 2012

Worshipful Brother Perez, thank you for the information. I have contacted the man that you suggested. I was very impressed and gave him an application which has been presented to the lodge and gone to the committee of inquiry. We appreciate the interaction and the assistance in gaining a potential brother.

From: Worshipful Phil Perez

Lodge: York Lodge #22

Date: Sunday February 19, 2012

I am a past master at York Lodge. Please contact me. I have an interested applicant who would like to become a brother in your lodge. My cell phone number is 207 985-8582. My home phone number is 207 324-8572.

From: Conrad Soucy

Lodge: Tranquil #29

Date: Wednesday January 18, 2012

Nice site. i should enjoy it more than the paper edition. Please put me on the reminder list. 

From: Ken Murray

Lodge: Tranquil #29

Date: Thursday December 29, 2011

Great site.  I was not even aware that it existed.

From: Bro. Bradley W. Davie

Lodge: Crooked River Lodge #152

Date: Wednesday December 21, 2011

Good job on this site.

From: Bryan Jandreau

Lodge: Fort Kent #209

Date: Sunday December 11, 2011


From: Walter Hill

Lodge: 105

Date: Thursday October 13, 2011

I am interested in Oct. 15 open house 

From: Kenneth P. Oldham, member

Lodge: Tranquil #29

Date: Wednesday September 07, 2011

I was in Auburn this past weekend to bury the ashes of my wife at Gracelawn Memorial Park, just across the street from the lodge hall. Wor. Warren Chase attended the service and presented me with my 2012 membership card. Please give my best to all the brothers. Maybe one of these days I may be able to sit in lode with all once again. K.P. Oldham, Bloomington, MN

From: Lee Oliver

Lodge: Monument #96

Date: Saturday May 14, 2011

WOW!!!  What a fantastic job on your page.  I could really your a hand with ours and would be greatful to pick your head a bit with ideas.
Please help me make ours as great as yours.

From: John Luttrell

Lodge: Tranquil Lodge

Date: Friday May 06, 2011

Tom:  What a great job you are doing in regards to our Webb Site. Keep up the work.    
John Luttrell

From: George Herrick, Jr.

Lodge: Tranqiil

Date: Tuesday March 08, 2011

Tom I just want to thank you for the wonderful job that you have done with this web site for all the Brethren. Great job.

From: Derek Giasson

Lodge: Tranquil

Date: Tuesday March 01, 2011

I wanted to take a moment to again thank all my Tranquil bretheren for their support and guidiance as I have begun on one of the most important and enlightening journeys of this life. I have never met a finer group of men in all my years.

Brother Derek Giasson

From: Barry Richardson

Lodge: Tranquil

Date: Sunday February 27, 2011

As with all your Masonic undertakings, you have helped create a great asset for the members of Tranquil and other Masonic brothers. I have always been proud to know that my journey through the chairs at Tranquil began with your appointment of me to the line. You should be very proud of your work to bring this website to where it is today. Tranquil and Masonry are enriched by your efforts.   

From: Jay Poirier

Lodge: Tranquil

Date: Sunday February 27, 2011

The website is looking good Tom!  Its nice to see the site continualy being updated so its current.

From: Joseph GAry

Lodge: Tranquil # 29 Maine

Date: Monday August 23, 2010

Just getting back from New York and finding our site is up and running,
Great Job very informative and helpful

From: Wesly Vosmus

Lodge: Maine - Maine

Date: Tuesday March 17, 2009

Like the site! I plan on reconnecting with the lodge in the very near future. It has been a looong time!