Tranquil's History 

According to the History of Tranquil Lodge dated 1969 and put together by RW Bro. Harold C. Shackleton, the lodge petitioned for it's charter on December 10, 1818 with date of precedence a day earlier. Tranquil Lodge # 29 therefore dates from December 9th 1818. The lodge officially received it's Charter from the Grand Lodge of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in March of 1819 at Minot, Maine. It held it's first official meeting in March of 1819 in what we now call West Auburn, fifty years before the birth of the city of Auburn. Tranquil then went through a period of "probation" until September 29th 1819 when the lodge was consecrated and it's officers publicly installed in the church of Minot (West Auburn). It is believed that the first meeting place was in a small building next to the tavern operated by W Bro. Oliver Pollard who was the first WM of Tranquil Lodge. Following the Morgan affair in1826, when the death of William Morgan was thought by some to have been caused by some Masons, an anti masonic movement began, causing many lodges in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine as well as other sections of the country to close or go into hiding. According to records none of this was proven except that a handful of the fraternity did exert undue influence on Morgan which they had no right to do. It could not be shown in court that they contibuted to Morgan's demise. However as with many lodges, Tranquil Lodge went "Dark" on October 19, 1831 and didn't resume labor until January 26, 1847.
The lowest number of candidates raised in any one year by Tranquil Lodge from the point when the lodge was revived after the Morgan incident occured was in one of the great depression years (1938) when only one candidate was raised. Tranquil raised it's greatest number of candidates after World War I in the year 1920 when 75 candidates were raised. The next greatest number was in 1948 following the close of World War II when 43 were raised.
On October 27, 1950 the largest crowd ever to attend Tranquil Lodge to observe degree work met in Kora Temple and W. Bro. Clyde Goudy, Mayor of Auburn, presided. The Kora Arab Patrol degree team conferred the Master Mason degree on Jack Lee Davis. There were 653 in attendance representing 73 Masonic lodges in Maine plus nine other states. 537 sat down to a banquet that evening. 
In 1820 Maine was divided into 6 Masonic Districts when the Grand Lodge of Maine was consecrated by the Grand Lodge of New Hampshire and Tranquil Lodge was placed in District 1. In 1848, our Masonic District was changed from the 1st to the 2nd District. In 1876, it became the 15th District. In 1893, the 24th and in 1942 it became the 23rd Masonic District as it is today.
The formal dress of white tie and tails adopted by the officers of our lodge is a hallmark unique in the State of Maine jurisdiction. It is thought to have begun during the tenure of W. Bro. John H. Merrill in 1906. The officers still wear white tie and tails when conferring the Master Mason's degree.
Tranquil Lodge has served the Grand Lodge by virtue of fifteen past masters who have acted as District Deputy Grand Masters.