In searching for material for the history of Asylum Lodge, nothing peculiar has been found, nor do the circumstances which led to its formation appear to have differed materially from those attending the organization of many of the lodges before and since.
For a few years previous to the organization of this lodge, the different lodges throughout the state had been doing a great amount of work and many Masons had been made.
The law, in this jurisdiction, did not at that time make a Master Mason a member of the lodge in which he received his degrees, without an application for membership and an unanious ballot in his favor. For this reason there were many Masons who were without a Masonic home, and of this number were probably some of those who united to form Asylum Lodge, who being without a home, determined to make one.
The proceedings of the Grand Lodge indicate that Masonry had some foothold in Wayne, some years previous to the organization of the lodge.
On the 29th of August, 1849, M. W. Joseph C. Stevens, Grand Master, granted a dispensation to the surviving members of the Lafayette Lodge, at Readfield to resume work with the privilege to meeting one year at Readfield and one year at Wayne, agreeable to their request.
The lodge was immediately re-organizated, and the D. D. G. M. for the 3rd District, in which the lodge was then situated, in his report to the Grand Master, May, 1850, speaks in encouraging terms of the lodge and its work.
There is not record that the lodge ever met in Wayne.
Bro. Josiah F. Taylor, of North Wayne, was the first S. W., after the revival, and was Master in 1852 and 1853.
In later years other brethren from North Wayne were intimately connected with the affairs of Lafayette Lodge.
Wayne village, where Asylum Lodge was afterwords located, was within the jurisdiction of Timple Lodge, Winthrop, and it was there that the younger Masons, who joined in organizing this lodge, were made: Temple Lodge, having resumed work in 1859.
The Dispensation under which Asylum Lodge commenced work, was issued in the usual form by M. W. William P. Preble, Grand Master, to William H. Burgess, Bradford W. Varnum, John Stevens, George F. Hodsdon, Thomas Wing, John M. Woodbury, Levi G. Brown, Stillman H. J. Berry, William H. Rollins, Emery Foss, Luther W. Fillebrown and Josiah Norris, and was dated July 20th, A. L. 5865(A.D. 1859.) By this dispensation Bro. Emery Foss was appointed W. M., Bro. Stillman H. J. Berry, S. W., and Bro. Levi G. Brown, J. W.
The petition for the dispensation had been recommended by Temple Lodge, and countersigned by R. W. Orlando Currier, D. D. G. M., of the 5th Masonic District.
The first meeting of the lodge was a Special Communication convened on the evening of August 22d, 1865, at which were present the following officers and brethren: Emery Foss, W. M., William Spear, as S. W., Josiah Norris, as J. W., William H. Burgess, as Treas., William H. Rollins, as Sec., John Stevens, Thomas Wing, John M. Woodbury, L. W. Fillebrown, and William Folsome, Temple Lodge.
This meeting was held in a room over the blacksmith shop now occupied by Russel Swift.
By the authority vested in him, the W. M. appointed:

Bro. W. H. Burgess, Treasurer of the lodge; Bro. W. H. Rollins, Secretary; Bro. Geo. F. Hodsdon, S. D.; Bro. Thomas Wing, J. D.; Bro. L. W. Fillebrown, S. S.; bro. Josiah Norris, J. S.; Bro. John Stevens, Tyler; Bro. J. M. Woodbury, Chap.

Bros. J. M. Woodbury, Josiah Norris, and L. W. Fillebrown, were appointed a Committee on By-Laws.
The other Standing Committees were also appointed.
On September 5th , the first Stated Communication was held, and five applications for the degrees of Masonry were presented, viz: Thomas B. Read, Ezra Gage, Charles E. Smith, Love R. Sturtevant, Thomas B. Norris.
October 3rd, the applications presented at the previous meeting were accepted, and E. E. Smith and Ezra Gage were initiated E. A.'s being the first candidates to receive the degree in Asylum Lodge.
At this meeting, the lodge also accepted the partial report of the Committee on By-Laws, fixing the fees for the three degrees at twenty dollars.
C. E. Smith and Ezra Gage were the first Fellow Crafts to be passed, being received and recorded October 24th 1865.
At the Stated Communication, November 28th, Dr. C. H. Barker was given permission to apply to Temple Lodge, Winthrop, for the degrees of Masonry.
On the 2d of December, 1865, the first candidates were raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason, viz: Bros. C. E. Smith and Ezra Gage.
There was present a large company of members and visitors.
W. Bro. A. P. Snow, Master of Temple Lodge, assisted by his wardens and officers, conferred the degrees. Evidently it was an occasion of much satisfaction to all present.
December 9th, W. M. Emery Foss conferred the M. M. degree on two candidates.
December 26th, the committee on By-Laws presented the same and they were adopted.
The first appearance of money transactions in the lodge was April 24th, 1866, when the bills of L. W. Fillebrown, W. H. Rollins, J. M. Woodbury, Emery Foss and W. H. Burgess were approved and allowed.
There is nothing in the records to show that the lodge would make any attempt to secure a Charter at the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge, May, 1866, but from the Proceedings of that year it appears that a petition for a Charter was presented.
The Committee on Dispensations and Charters was not satisfied with the Records and By-Laws, and, as a protest had been filed against the Charter, they recommended that the lodge continue to work under the Dispensation for another year, unless it should be sooner recalled.
The lodge was not represented in Grand Lodge.
At the Stated Communication, May 29th, Bros. Emery Foss, L. W. Fillebrown, W. H. Burgess, and W. H. Rollins were appointed trustees to obtain a hall and be responsible for the rent.
The first candidate from North Wayne to appear in the lodge was John S. Knight, who was initiated August 7th , 1866.
During the first year of its existence the lodge held thirteen Stated and twenty-two Special Communications.
The attendance had been large and the regular officers were very constant in their attendance. The names of visiting brethren appear very often on the records. Fourteen candidates were initiated, and thirteen were raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason, viz: Charles E. Smith, Ezra Gage, Love R. Sturtevant, Thomas B. Norris, William H. Erskine, Alfred F. Johson, Moses B. Sylvester, M. B. Cummings, Nelson H. Norris, Archibald Clark, Bradbury Sylvester, and John S. Knight.
One application was rejected.
September 18th, 1866, Bro. William H. Burgess was chosen a committee to superintend the building of a Masonic Hall.
August 4th , 1866, Bro. Bradford W. Varnum died, and was buried with Masonic rites. The services were conducted by the Royal Arch Chapter from Hallowell, and as this was the first Masonic Funeral in Wayne, it attracted a great deal of attention and was particularly obnoxious to some of those cranks of that day, known as Anti-Masons.
April 11th, 1867, at a Special Communication, the lodge received a visit from M. W. Timothy J. Murray, Grand Master, and R. W. David Cargell, S. G. W. of the Grand Lodge of Maine.
April 16th, the lodge voted to pay the expenses of a representative in Grand Lodge, and, in the language of the record, W. Bro. Emery Foss was constituted delegate. The lodge was not represented however.
From the Proceedings of Grand Lodge for 1867, it appears that there was presented to that body a petition for a Charter for Asylum Lodge, signed by W. Bro. Emery Foss and twenty-three others. A remonstrance was also presented, as at the Communication of 1866.
Where this remonstrance came from does not appear from the Proceedings.
The Committee, however, decided that the lodge was entitled to a Charter, and it was accordingly issued.

Excerpted from the History pages 3-7