Asylum Lodge No 133, A F & A M
Leeds, Maine


The members of this Lodge solemnly pledge themselves to adhere to the Ancient Usages and Customs of Masons; to attend the Regular and Special Communications of this Lodge when their necessary avocations do not require their absence; to preserve and cultivate the True Spirit of Masonry; and to maintain the Ancient Landmarks of the Order; and to conform to the By-laws of this lodge as they are not adopted, and from time-to-time amended.


Of Meetings
Section 1. This Lodge shall hold Stated Communications regularly on the second Thursday evening of each month at 7:30 p.m. If a regular stated meeting night falls on a recognized holiday, the meeting shall be held on the following Thursday evening.
Section 2. The Master, or in his absence or disability, the Senior Warden, or if both be absent or disabled, the Junior Warden, shall have power to call Special Communications of the Lodge whenever in his opinion the interests of the Lodge shall require it.
Section 3. A quorum for the conduct of business or for degree work shall consist of seven Master Masons.
Section 4. All business to come before a Stated Communication must be completed on the same date on which the Stated Communication was opened and the Lodge must be regularly closed before the brethren disperse.
Section 5: The fiscal year of this Lodge shall commence on the first day of January annually and end on the thirty-first day of December next following. (Approved January 16, 2008 by MW Gerald Leighton)
Section 6. During the summer months of July and August, or, alternatively, during the winter months of January and February the Lodge may stand recessed by a majority vote of members present at a previous Stated Communication.
Of Officers and Elections
Section 1. At the Stated Communication in December annually, the Lodge shall elect a Master, Senior and Junior Wardens, Treasurer, Secretary, Senior and Junior Deacons, and three brethren to serve as a Committee of Finance, shall be severally chosen by written ballot, and majority of vote cast shall be necessary for a choice, except that the Finance Committee may all be voted for on one ballot.
The Master, as soon as may be after his installation, shall appoint the Senior and Junior Stewards, Tyler, Marshal, and Chaplain.
Section 2. The officers shall be installed as soon after their election as may be convenient.
Section 3. All preferment among Masons is gounded upon real worth and personal merit only, therefore no Master or Warden, or any other officer, shall be chosen by seniority but for his merit.
Of Committees
Section 1. A Committee of Inquiry, consisting of three discreet, experienced brethren, members of this Lodge, shall be appointed by the Master as needed, whose duty it shall be strictly to inquire into the moral character and reputations of all applicants for the degrees of Masonry. No one shall be admitted to the degrees without a recommendation in writing by said committee.
The application of any brother, for membership, who shall have received his degrees in another lodge, shall be referred to a Committee of Inquiry and reported upon before a ballot can be taken.
Section 2. There shall be a standing Committee of Charity, consisting of three brethren, members of this Lodge, whose duty it shall be to grant relief in such cases as they may deem proper. The Master shall be ex-officio Chairman of the Committee of Charity. The other members of said committee shall be appointed by the Master with the approval of the Lodge.
Section 3. The Committee of Finance shall examine all bills presented to the Lodge and approve such as in its judgment are correct. In the absence of the Finance Committee, bills on approval of the Master and Wardens may be accepted.
The Committee shall advise the Treasurer as to the nature of all investments, whether for the Lodge General Fund or for the Charity Fund.
It shall examine the books and accounts of the Treasurer and Secretary whenever it is deemed necessary, and at the Annual Communication make a report thereon in writing. The annual report shall be spread upon the record.
Duties and Compensations of Officers
Section 1. The Treasurer shall give bonds of the faithful discharge of his duties as the Lodge may require. He shall have charge of all the funds of the Lodge, receive all interest arising from the same, pay all legal demands upon the Lodge, and at the Annual Communication shall render a just and true account of all the money received and paid, and also a correct statement of the funds, and shall deliver all property of the Lodge entrusted in his care to his successor, taking duplicate receipts for the same, one which shall be kept by the Secretary.
For the performance of his duties he shall receive such compensation as the Lodge may determine. The Treasurers Annual Report shall be spread upon the record.
Section 2. The Secretary shall give bonds for the faithful discharge of his duties as the Lodge may require; attend all meetings of the Lodge, make a fair record of the proceedings and read the same when requested, collect all monies due from the Brethren and pay the same to the Treasurer at least one in every month; issue notifications when directed, present the chairman of every committee with a copy of its appointment, keep a correct list of the names of members; and report the names of delinquents to the Lodge.
At the close of the year he shall render a just account of all money received by him, and a statement of balances due from members, and make a full report in writing of all transactions of his office for the year past.
He shall deliver to his successor in office all the property of the Lodge entrusted to his care, taking duplicate receipts for the same, one of which shall be kept by the Treasurer.
For the faithful performance of his duties, he shall receive such compensation as the Lodge may from time to time determine.
Section 3. The Tyler shall tyle the Lodge at its meetings and perform such other services as may be prescribed by the Lodge or required by the Master, and for the performance of his duties, he shall receive such compensation as the Lodge may from time to time determine.
Candidates for Degrees
Section 1. Every candidate for the degrees conferred in this Lodge shall make application in writing, signed by himself, and directed to the Master or Secretary, stating his place of residence, age and occupation, and whether he has ever made application to, and been rejected by, any other lodge; accompanied with a recommendation signed by two members of the Lodge, and shall deposit $50 (Fifty Dollars). If he is rejected the deposit shall be returned; if accepted and initiated, it shall be passed to his credit as described in Article X below; but if accepted and he shall refuse to attend for one year after his acceptance, or to make a reasonable excuse for such neglect, the deposit shall be forfeited for the use of the Lodge. (Approved January 16, 2008 MW Gerald Leighton)
Section 2. In balloting, if more than one negative vote appears, the balloting shall cease and the candidate shall be declared rejected, but; if on the first ballot one negative only appears, a second ballot shall immediately take place, and if on the second ballot a negative still appears, the candidate shall be declared rejected.
No one shall inspect the ballot except the Master and Wardens, and no brother shall be permitted to make known to another or the lodge what manner of vote he cast.
No restriction of any sort shall be placed upon a brother in the matter of voting nor shall he be questioned how or why he exercised that right.
Section 3. Every candidate shall pay the appropriate fee for each degree previous to receiving it.
Section 4. No candidate shall be entitled to advancement in the lodge without satisfactory evidence of proficiency in the degrees already received, nor in less than 14 (Fourteen) days after receiving the preceding degree.
Section 5. Each newly-made Master Mason shall, within 60 days, evidence in open lodge his proficiency in the Master Mason degree, excepting however, if the Lodge shall be dark during all or a part of the next-ensuing 60 calendar days, the period of darkness shall not be counted against him.
The Master shall at the time of conferral of the Master Mason degree appoint an officer of the Lodge to aid and assist the newly-made Mason in learning said lesson.
Section 1. No brother shall be admitted to membership except he shall have make application in writing at a prior meeting nor unless he receive an unanimous ballot.
Section 2. Every candidate who shall receive the third degree in this lodge shall thereby become a member of the Lodge, and the Secretary shall record his name upon the roll of membership providing, however, that if the degrees are conferred upon a candidate elected by a lodge out-of-state, at the request of that lodge, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Grand Lodge, then the brother shall be a member of the lodge electing him, and the fees shall belong to that lodge.
Section 3. The members of this lodge shall sign the By-laws in force at the time of their admission.
Section 4. Any brother who has been suspended from membership for non-payment of dues may be reinstated by discharging his dues or having the same remitted any time within three years thereafter, but after that time, he can be restored only upon his application and an unanimous vote of the lodge after payment or remission of the amount in arrears.
Section 5. Any brother who has withdrawn his membership and shall be desirous of again becoming a member may, upon such condition as the Lodge may deem reasonable be admitted, provided he comply with the regulation to obtain original membership.
Section 6. In the month of September of each year, the Secretary shall notify every member of the Lodge who has not paid his dues for two years that this name will be presented to the Lodge at the annual meeting in December, and that Lodge shall order such member to appear at such time as they direct to show cause why he is delinquent.
Section 7. If the member does not present adequate cause for his delinquency, the Lodge may suspend him from membership.
Honorary Members
Section 1. Any brother who belongs to another lodge, and whose long and faithful services shall entitle him to the considerations and gratitude of Asylum Lodge, may be admitted an honorary member.
Section 2. All 50-year members shall be Honorary Members of Asylum Lodge.
Section 3. For reasons and under conditions satisfactory to itself, the Lodge any elect any other member of Asylum Lodge an Honorary Member.
Section 4. Honorary Members shall not be subject to dues and assessments, except that Honorary Members elected to such status under Section 3 preceding shall be liable to assessments made for charitable purposes.
Section 5. When it is proposed to make a brother an Honorary Member, he shall be proposed to the Lodge by two members, in writing, at a Stated Communication, and the proposition shall lie over until the next Stated Communication, but need not be referred to the Committee of Inquiry unless three members of the Loge so request. If upon ballot two-thirds of the ballots are white, the brother shall be declared elected.
Life Members
Section 1. Any member of Asylum Lodge may purchase a Life Membership in accordance with the following annuity table. (Members Age and Annuity Amount Due)

Age Rate     Age Rate     Age Rate     Age Rate

21 $24.52   36 $21.44   51 $16.87   66 $11.26
22 24.36     37 21.19     52 16.53     67 10.86
23 24.19     38 20.92     53 16.18     68 10.47
24 24.01     39 20.65     54 15.83     69 10.08
25 23.83     40 20.37     55 15.47     70 9.69
26 23.65     41 20.08     56 15.11     71 9.3O
27 23.46     42 19.48     57 14.74     72 8.92
28 23.26     43 19.78     58 14.37     73 8.54
29 23.06     44 19.17     59 14.00    74 8.17
30 22.85     45 18.86     60 13.62     75 7.8O
31 22.63     46 18.54     61 13.23     76 7.45
32 22.41     47 18.21     62 12.84     77 7.1O
33 22.18     48 17.88     63 12.45     78 6.76
34 21.94     49 17.55     64 12.05     79 6.44
35 21.7O     50 17.22     65 11.65
To use this table multiply the dollar figure in the column marked "Rate" by one and one-half times the current dues. For example, if dues are $30 annually and your seek the rate for a member 54 years of age, multiply $15.83 x 1.5 x $30.00 and arrive at a life membership cost of $712.50.
Section 2. Alternatively, any member may purchase a Life Membership for that total amount which would be due at the current rate of membership dues from the time of purchase until the member would have completed 50 years of membership, should that amount be less than the amount computed by using the annuity table in Section 1.
Section 3. A Life Member shall be exempt from the payment of dues, but shall be liable for any assessment that may be laid upon the members. Each life member shall enjoy all the rights and privileges pertaining to regular membership.
Section 4. Amounts received from life memberships shall be held in a Life Membership Trust. Said trust shall be administered by the Treasurer, under the provisions of Article IV, Section 1, of these By-laws, with the advice and subject to the review of the Finance Committee, as provided in Article III, Section 3, above.
Trust funds shall be invested in such investments as are generally accepted for charitable trusts under a "prudent man" rule. Each Life Members dues shall annually be paid to the Lodge by the Treasurer from the Life Membership Fund.
Of the General Concerns of the Lodge
Section 1. No disputes concerning Nations, Politics, or Religion shall in any case be permitted in the Lodge.
Any brother who shall violate this provision, or be guilty of any irregular or immoral conduct, at any meeting, shall for his first offense be reprimanded by the Master. If he repeats such offense, he my after proper procedure be suspended or expelled.
Section 2. No brother shall leave the Lodge without permission from the Master, or engage in any private conversation while the brethren are at work.
Section 3. The transactions and proceedings of the Lodge shall be kept inviolably secret; and it shall be the duty of every member to notify the Master in open Lodge of all such violations as may respectively come to his knowledge.
Any member who shall reveal the name of a brother who may have opposed in the Lodge the admission of a candidate into the Order, shall, after due trial be liable to be suspended or expelled.
If any visiting brother shall be guilty of the violation of this article, he may be ever after excluded from a seat in this Lodge.
Of Dues and Assessments
Section 1. The dues of this Lodge shall be $50 (Fifty Dollars) and they shall be payable December 1 of each year.
Section 2. Additional assessments upon the members may be made upon recommendation of the Committee of Finance, or such sums and for such purposes as the Lodge shall, at any Stated Communication, by a majority vote approve, provided that notice of such intended assessment shall be given at a previous Stated Communication.
Section 3. All money given or bequeathed to this Lodge, the use of which is not specifically designated by the donor, shall be used as the Lodge may direct.
Of Candidate Fees
Section 1. The fees for each of the three degrees shall be Fifty Dollars ($50). (Approved January 16, 2008 by MW Gerald Leighton)
Section 2. The George Washington Memorial assessment upon each initiated Entered Apprentice shall be borne by the candidate. (Approved January 16, 2008 by MW Gerald Leighton)

Of the Charity Fund
Section 1. This fund shall be know as the Charity Fund of Asylum Lodge #133, A.F.& A.M. It shall consist of two parts: a Charity Relief Fund and a Charity Permanent Fund.
Section 2. The assets of the Fund shall be in the custody of the Treasurer.
Section 3. Charity Relief Fund:
It is the intention of this Lodge that a sum of between $1,500 and $2,000 be kept available for use of the Charity Committee, that this sum be known as the Charity Relief Fund, and that to ensure ready availability it be maintained in bank savings and/or interest-bearing checking account.
The Committee of Charity shall have the authority to draw orders to the Treasurer against the Charity Relief Fund for amounts not to exceed $250 (Two Hundred Fifty Dollars) at any one time and for any one case. Orders in excess of $250 (Two Hundred Fifty Dollars) must have approval of the Lodge, by requesting as Case No ___.
Section 4. The Charity Permanent Fund
The Charity Permanent Fund shall consist of sums invested in stock and bonds, or invested otherwise, sums which may be transferred from General Lodge funds, and gifts and donations specific to the Charity Fund.
The body of the Charity Permanent Fund shall be without limitation of maximum size, but may not be drawn down below $2,000 (Two Thousand Dollars).
The Treasurer shall invest all monies available to the Charity Permanent Fund, after consultation with and written concurrence of the Finance Committee. Should agreement not be reached between the Treasurer and the Finance Committee, the Lodge will decide the issue at a stated meeting after the proposed investment has been recommended at the preceding stated meeting.
Any changes in the investments of this Fund shall be reported to the Lodge at its next stated meeting.
All income from this fund shall be disposed of according to the requirements of Section 5 next following.
The Lodge may be a two-third affirmative vote of the members present, upon recommendation of the Finance Committee at a previous stated communication and for reasons sufficient unto itself, transfer sums from the General Lodge Fund to the Charity Permanent Fund and/or from the Charity Permanent Fund to the Charity Relief Fund so long as, in the latter event, the Relief Fund remains within its legal limits as defined by the By-laws.
Section 5. Charity Fund Income
Income from Permanent Fund investments shall be applied first to the Charity Relief Fund.
When the assets of the Charity Relief Fund reach a total of $2,000 subsequent income of the Permanent Fund shall be transferred by the Treasurer to the General Lodge Fund.
When the Charity Relief Fund has been drawn down by charitable contributions to a total of $1,500, income from the Charity Permanent Fund shall again be deposited into the Charity Relief Fund.
Section 6. All requests for charity shall be made to the Charity Committee.
Section 7. Disbursements from the Charity Fund may be made for the following purposes:
For the relief of members of Asylum Lodge in need of assistance;
For the relief of widows and orphans of members of Asylum Lodge in need of assistance; and,
For such other cases of Masonic Charity as may be deemed deserving by the Committee of Charity, or by the Lodge.

Section 8. Depository of Funds

a. All monies belonging to the Charity Relief Fund shall be kept on deposit in bank accounts and/or interest-bearing checking accounts.
b. Charity Permanent Fund evidences of ownership of investment participation in the form of stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, or other financial instruments, shall be stored by the Treasurer in the Lodge fireproof filing cabinet. Said filing cabinet may also be used for the safekeeping of other important lodge documents.
c. The Treasurer and Secretary shall each have a key to the filing cabinet. (Approved 12 March 2011 by MW W. Louis Greenier II)
d.All monies and evidences of investment belonging to the Charity Relief Fund and the Charity Permanent Fund shall be in the custody and control of the Treasurer and shall be audited by the Finance Committee prior to the annual meeting of Asylum Lodge each year.
Of Amendments
Section 1. No amendment, alteration or addition shall be made to these by-laws except at a stated communication and with the concurrence of two-thirds of the members present, not unless it shall have been proposed in writing at a previous meeting.
Asylum Lodge
No 133

Approved 2 October 1993
and as amended