Vision for 14th District Officers Association

To foster an attitude of Team Work among all 14th District Lodges.  A team consisting of Blue Lodge Officers, Grand Lodge Officers, DER, DRI and Webmaster, based on mutual respect and trust.  A team led by enthusiasm, dedication and hard work for each Lodge and the 14th District.  A team of Masters, Wardens and Officers that may know one another well enough to ask for assistance when needed.  A team ready and willing to fill in where needed or assist in giving a lecture.  A team that will support one another by visiting Lodges, attending Installations, Inspections, Degree work and special events in other Lodges.  A team that attends Schools of Instruction and requires rehearsals prior to scheduled degree work and minimizes last minute personnel changes.  A team where every officer in every Lodge knows his ritual and floor work to a degree where a candidate will be impressed at the conclusion of his degree.  A team that has a strong education program in every Lodge.  A team active in Community Outreach Programs.  A team that serves to promote a positive public awareness of Masonry.  A team that champions growth in Masonic Membership and attendance and is dedicated to reversing any negative trends.